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Chitchat (23)

February was an up and down month– I didn’t finish a book for more than a week, but I DID read some really good books in the other weeks. I flew across the country and spent some time with my family, but it wasn’t an overly happy ocassion. And finally, I turned 25! (I don’t feel any different, really, except maybe slightly more depressed.)

More things:
– I registered for BEA 2013.
– I changed my review request contact form into something more useful.
– I made just a little bit more on Google Ads than in January.

These are all good things, so I’ve decided to go into March excited for the future rather than scared and depressed. Or I’m going to TRY to be excited, anyway!

My goals for March are to: finish my WHOLE TBR list, write one blog post a day (though I don’t have to post one every day), do the #EstellaGram challenge, leave one comment every day, and respond to comments left here within one day.

Do you have any blogging goals for March?

Currently Reading (15)

I’m feeling VERY proud of myself today because I’ve already read three books this month! Two Diana Wynne Jones books and one non-DWJ book. Even when I’m trying to take my time I just speed through DWJ’s books– which is why I need such a big collection, see! The Merlin Conspiracy by Diana Wynne Jones

Right now I am three pages into The Merlin Conspiracy, which I’ve tried to read twice before (once in print and once in audio). It’s got LOVELY paper and I really like the font, and on the whole I feel like this is the time I actually FINISH reading it. Yay!

When the Merlin of Blest dies, everyone thinks it’s a natural death. But Roddy and Grundo, two children traveling with the Royal Court, soon discover the truth. The Merlin’s replacement and other courtiers are scheming to steal the magic of Blest for their own purposes.

Roddy enlists the help of Nick, a boy from another world, and the three turn to their own impressive powers. The dangers are great, and if Roddy, Grundo, and Nick cannot stop the conspirators, the results will be more dreadful than they could possibly imagine.

The Merlin Conspiracy is actually the second book in the Magids series, which starts with Deep Secret. I think it’s like the Howl’s Moving Castle sequels, though– maybe someone from Deep Secret will show up, or it’s set in another part of the same world as Deep Secret, but either way it’s not necessarily dependent on having read the first book to understand The Merlin Conspiracy. Which is handy!

What’re you reading this week?

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  1. You have a great tbr list for this month! What’s your username for Instagram? I’m doing the challenge too so it would be nice to follow you. Happy belated birthday.

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