Chitchat (Dec. 23): Winter break edition!

(Does it still count as winter break if I’m a) not in school and b) unemployed again? Hm.) #california #lookingup #socal

I’m planning on spending my winter break prepping for the new year! (And decorating for what few days remain before Christmas, of course.) First, I gotta clean up my room (again). Then I’m gonna pile all my TBR books together on one bookcase. And THEN I’m going to go through them and remove the ones I have no intention of reading any time soon.

Because I’m doing a TBR project, see! Here’s how it works:
1. Make a list of all unread books in my possession, both ebook and paper.
2. Read from that list for as much as I can stand.
3. Any books still unread by the end of 2014 go in the donation box.

Exceptions: books I acquire in 2014, later books in a series where I need to reread earlier ones first, any reference books, books that are part of a specific collection, and those two travel guides I have floating around somewhere.

Since most of my TBR books have been on my pile for six months or more (YEARS, some of these), I’m really looking forward to either finally reading them or releasing them from my care.

I’ll be doing a shelf tour video once I’ve got them all together, so look for that some time in January.

I’m also going to work on my secret 2014 blog-related project. Some of it involves asking people for things directly, which is always scary and difficult for me to do. But I really want to do this project and I don’t want to chicken out and scrap it before it’s even started. So I’m going to try real hard to not be a wuss!

Another thing I need to do is finish up my reviews for this year. I think I’m only like three behind at this point, though, so it’s not a big deal.

And finally, I need to finalize my blogging goals for the next year. I’ve been making a few lists of things I want to accomplish in my various blogging notebooks, and I think I’ll have a comprehensive one for the new year.

What’re you doing over the holidays?

2 thoughts on “Chitchat (Dec. 23): Winter break edition!”

  1. All the holiday visitors, whom I love and adore and was so happy to see, have worn me out, so I am spending the rest of my holidays lying around recuperating. I read in the sunshine for two hours today and it was perfect. (Also hopefully made my hair blonder so my exciting purple highlights will show up better.)

    1. Purple highlights!! That IS exciting. I think I may stick pink in my hair somewhere; I’ve always wanted to dye it something but I never have. What kind did you use, btw? (Did you do it yourself?)

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