Chitchat (June 16): Baby’s got a new pair of shoes!

Surprise! Here There Be Books (finally) has a completely new look! Check it outttttt:


I’ve had basically the same layout for two? years or so, various permutations of the same theme (Suffusion) and none of it looking “right” (to me). I’d been wanting to give the blog a new look for, oh, six months or so, but finding something I liked (and could afford) was easier said than done. Changing the name just made that urge harder to fight; it wasn’t until this past week that I got so sick of looking at my blog that I knew I NEEDED to find something new immediately or I’d pop a blood vessel or something. Friday was spent entirely on hunting down a theme that didn’t want to make me scream.

And I found one! Yay!

Here There Be Books’ new theme is Patchwork by Caroline Moore, slightly edited (I just changed the pattern in the header/footer). Though it’s not as customizable as my last theme, I don’t really care about that now. Part of the problem with my last theme is that it was TOO customizable– too many choices, too many things to tweak, and by the time I was done, none of it looked like it really fit together. It looked, well…patchwork! Bleh.

Caroline Moore’s themes are cute/stylish/whatever, they work well, I can tweak them JUST enough to make them more “my own,” and (best of all) they’re free. Huzzah for Caroline Moore!

I will mourn my lovely griffin-y header for a little bit, yes. I could have stuck it up there (as Patchwork has a customizable header option) but I don’t think it really fit with the rest of the theme so I just let it go.

Yay for new looks! Have you changed your blog’s layout/theme recently? Isn’t it exhausting? But so satisfying when you get it right.

6 thoughts on “Chitchat (June 16): Baby’s got a new pair of shoes!”

  1. I just switched mine from a more customizable theme to Adele, which I can do, like, three things with, but I like it. With the green from my header (which I can’t change until I hand out all my business cards because I am like that), the pink, black, and white looks nice. I just wish I could change the font, since its italics and bolds look so odd to me, but I don’t care enough to pony up for it. Some allowances must be made!

    Your new look is lovely! I adore the waves header: it looks wonderful.

    1. Business cards are the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. I’m always getting hundreds of them and then I change something and/or find something I don’t like and then I don’t want to use them any more but I’ve got 200 left and and and. ANNOYING.

      I like your new theme! It gives me a kind of vintage summer-y vibe. 😀

    1. Thank you! It IS clean– now I just have to try and keep the sidebar uncluttered. (Harder than it sounds; I always find new things I want to add to it. Must resist!!)

  2. Oh hey I’m a very stupid person. I just commented on another post to say “Hey, your blog changed themes and it is pretty this way too!”, and now here is a post announcing the change. See, this is what happens when you have a busy weekend and then start going back through the feedreader. Anyway! I like it!

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