Chitchat (Sept. 14): Reading slumps aka I am surrounded by books I don’t want to read

I had a really weird day yesterday, so today I’m just going to relax and read this book and watch Doctor Who and stuff! image

In library news, I need to get another card somewhere. I went to my preferred library the other day and couldn’t find anything to read! (Except for some Patricia C. Wrede books, anyway.) And since interlibrary loan costs $2 a book, it’s time for me to get a library card in a slightly bigger system. Le sigh.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a few old!library books (besides the Wrede ones) to finish reading before getting some from the new!library, but none of them look very good. Even The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic, which I’m more than halfway through, hasn’t been calling to me just finish it. Its been over 2 weeks since I started and I haven’t read a page. Boooooo, me.

In fact, I’ve been in a reading slump on for the last week or so. Or maybe not a slump? More like a slow down. Or something. I keep starting books and not finishing them. The only one I did finish this week was Searching for Dragons. And that probably only happened because it was short! It still took me three days to actually finish it, geeze.

On the other hand, I have been reading things other than books. I’ve been reading a lot of articles and blog posts, and I’ve even started to read my way through my backlog of magazines. So I have been reading, just not…er, books.

But I know I’ll get over it eventually. I always have before! I just need to be patient and wait until I feel the urge to read read read again.

How do you work your way through reading slumps? Usually, I just wait them out. What about you?

This post brought to you by Google Voice and my smartphone! It worked out pretty well, don’t you think? I can even do punctuation, which is really neat. Writing a post by dictation is very strange though. It’s high tech and old fashioned and I feel a bit like a time traveler.

4 thoughts on “Chitchat (Sept. 14): Reading slumps aka I am surrounded by books I don’t want to read”

  1. (Ahhh…I wrote the wrong URL link on my last post. Can you delete that one and then delete this sentence, haha?)

    You have to pay $2 a book for interlibrary loan?! Oh my god. I would die without interlibrary loan, haha. I use it all the time, and it’s free where I live (Rhode Island).

    I was going through a reading slump last week and it was awful. I think there was even one day in there where I literally did not even read one page. It was making me so depressed! Finally, I just called it quits with the books I was having a problem with and started something in a totally different genre and now everything is back to normal!

    1. To be (more) fair to my library, it’s $2 for interlibrary loaning books outside of the city, but when the city you’re loaning from is, like, twenty feet away, $2 is still a steep price.

      I think I’m out of my slump now! Though it’s turned into something more like a slog. I’m reading, but I’m reading SLOWWWWWLY. Which is almost as annoying as not reading at all!

    1. Tiny libraries are adorable but they are also TERRIBLE. I think most of the people who use my library must love cozie mysteries and romances, because that’s what the majority of the books are in it. (Though I think that’s true for more libraries? But it’s worse when it’s in a tiny library and all you want is some good scifi with space aliens or something and it’s not there because there’s ten bookcases of mysteries with dogs and only two for scifi/fantasy.)

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