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Canadian’s lucky iron fish saves lives in Cambodia:

It began three years ago when this science whiz from Milton, who had just graduated from Guelph with a bachelor in biomedical science, took on a gritty little summer research gig in Cambodia. The task was to help local scientists try to persuade village women to place chunks of iron in their cooking pots to get more iron in their diet and lower the risk of anemia. Great in theory, but the women weren’t having it.

10 Things I Dislike About Your Blog @ The Story Siren

Penguin Pulls eBooks From Public Libraries Dropping it Down to 1 of the Big 6 Publishers Playing Nice With Libraries @ Librarian By Day

This captivating lamp designed by Nosigner (Eisuke Tachikawa) represents the Super Moon, the biggest full moon in a cycle of 18 years. After the tragic earthquake in Japan, many of the Japanese prayed to the Super Moon for hope. According to Nosigner, this lamp is a symbol of the moon’s “light of hope”.

The dronecam revolution will be webcast: Interview with Tim Pool of “The Other 99” @ BoingBoing. One of the things I LOVE about the year we live in now is that anyone with a recording device can become a reporter. They don’t need press passes!

YA heroines outside the white, straight box @ Malinda Lo’s blog

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