Commonplace Post (17)

Another light week of links, but I’ve got some great photos from Laguna Beach when I went there on Friday!

Drop the Phone:

When you sit down at a table, you’re agreeing to be present in a real, physical moment. Why else did you come here? You ordered this food; don’t you want to taste it? You invited this woman; don’t you want to talk to her? It’s not that the world of Twitter is inherently less conversation-worthy than the rest of your life, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you ever talk about. We need a non-digitized, unplugged space, and the dinner out is as close as we’re likely to come. If you can’t exist without a smartphone here, you won’t be doing it anywhere.

Is Facebook really doomed to die?:

Social networks are made to dissolve. It’s one of the services that social networking sites provide: going away. You don’t want to get stuck with the same version of your friend network indefinitely, or get trapped with the exact same identity forever. It’s often kind of a relief when you quit using an old social media site, because you get to start over from scratch. It’s like shedding your skin.

And here’s my pictures of a bit of Laguna Beach! Click them to enlarge. There’s a few more at my Flickr account.




4 thoughts on “Commonplace Post (17)”

    1. It really is! The part I photographed was a cove near a residential-ish area. REALLY pretty, and the houses are amazing!

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