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Hello! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’m reading Kitchen Confidential at the moment (which I got for $0.25 the other day, btw) and it’s both hilarious and terrifying. What are you reading?

John Carter is so bad:

It is unconscionable in 2012 for a movie to portray a white dude who infiltrates a non-white native culture and then turns out to be better at being a native than even the natives are. We’ve seen it for years, we saw it in Avatar and now we see this straight up white supremacy in John Carter. The title character, a former captain of the Confederate fucking Army, is ported over to Mars, where he encounters a race of four-armed green monster warriors. Because of his bone density (bone density!), he is innately superior, able to leap in massive bounds and thus can defeat legions of not-so-nice four-armed green dudes who confront him in orgiastic pilings-on. He is a super hero and his white skin is all the cape that he needs.

The Perks of Being a Killjoy @ Rookie, one of the best things-meant-for-teens out there.

Thrifting: The Master Class @ Rookie. Now I know what to do when I go to a thrift store! Besides rummaging through the $1 books, of course.

Hey guys. So I want to talk to you about one of the greatest heroines ever written for young adult literature, and that is A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Violet Baudelaire. @ trust fun

The Hunger Games, Merchandise, and Androcentrism:

What I’m objecting to here is the androcentrism and general anti-femme vibe I’m picking up from reactions to femme products coming out of The Hunger Games merchandising machine. It’s right and fine for Twilight to have licensed makeup and dolls, those playgrounds of the femme; but for The Hunger Games? Ew, that’s girl stuff, Katniss would never be caught dead in or doing “stupid wussy idiotic female stuff” unless she was forced to, and that’s why she’s so strong and so much better than Bella. Wrong. Katniss may be better than Bella—okay, she’s totally better than Bella—but not because her gender performance is slightly more masculine (but, of course, not too masculine! Can’t be too butch!) and she rejects (or is read as rejecting; again, I’ve not finished the series) the traditional feminine roles that Bella flings herself at like it’s going out of style. Katniss is better than Bella for tons of other reasons—she’s capable, focused, loves her family, and is able to game the game. The fact that she’s praised as superior to Bella solely because of her gender performance realy gets under my skin and bugs me. There’s a way to have this conversation without androcentrism coloring the conversation and denigrating femininity, because I hear that in every other conversation. I shouldn’t have to hear it when we’re talking about successful young adult franchises written by women about women.

Librarians Feel Sticker Shock as Price for Random House Ebooks Rises as Much as 300 Percent @ The Digital Shift

I really want this (not just because Kate Beaton does an illustrating thing for it): Pendulous Breasts Quarterly

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  1. Hahahahhahaha, that post about John Carter is excellent. While also making me sad — I want Tim Riggins to get work! And have work! I want that for him!

    1. Apparently there ARE some good things about John Carter, too, but the stupid/bad things outweigh them by a ton. Oh well!

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