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Hello! Happy Saturday, everyone. Both of my parents are sick and so it’s only a matter of time before I get sick, too. Opposite-of-yay! I hate being sick, but maybe it’ll help me stay off the internet and/or read more.

Lots of nifty links this week! So here we go.

Ride out the apocalypse with tinned sammiches @ BoingBoing

I went to see The Hunger Games on Wednesday AND I’ve read the first two books and so here are a lot of Hunger Games-related things:

Yes, I love the books but they are not without problems that make me crabby:

PEETA: i love you
KATNISS: i am a teenage girl who has seen unimaginable hardships and i don’t really understand my feelings because i don’t have time to analyze them because we are in a huge fucking arena fighting for our lives so i am going to pretend to love you so people send us things so we don’t fucking die on national television
PEETA: y u so mean? 🙁

Plus every other comic she’s done!

Many things about racist Hunger Games “fans” which was a thing that originally happened when the cast list first came out and which I posted about before (although I can’t find it now), but here’s some semi-interesting posts about it, all from Jezebel because idk: Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed, I See White People: Hunger Games and a Brief History of Cultural Whitewashing, A Character-By-Character Guide to Race in The Hunger Games (“Suzanne Collins very specifically described a world in which the blonde people were wealthy and the olive-skinned and brown people were poor.”)

Also apparently people are saying JenL is “too fat” to play Katniss, which, just. What?
Critics Question Whether Jennifer Lawrence Is Skinny Enough in Hunger Games:

And, as Silverstein rightly mentions, why aren’t any of these critics wondering how Gale got so jacked living off of rabbit and blueberries or why Peeta, from all the talk of his prodigious strength, seems a little shrimpy, not very much like the stocky baker’s son Collins introduced us to in her novel? Maybe we should have each Hunger Games actor step up and have their BMI measured, just to be sure that it matches the exact conception we had after reading the book. Otherwise, how can we move on with our lives, knowing that, between movies and books, there exists some discrepancy?

Eight Things You Should Know About “The Hunger Games” @ Genevieve Valentine’s blog

The Girl on Fire: Costume in The Hunger Games @ Fantasy Matters

The Hunger Games and Subversion @ The Picky Girl

Not directly related to The Hunger Games but relevant nonetheless:
There’s no such thing as a good stereotype. @ N.K. Jemisin’s blog

Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad for Women @ Overthinking It

Completely unrelated to THG:
Unhitch Your Wagon from the Stars:

Six months in, she decided to run an experiment. In fifteen terrifying minutes, she obliterated her entire internet presence. Gone Facebook. Gone Twitter. Gone all sixty-seven blog posts and all twenty vlogs. Gone, even, the Group Discussion questions she’d written up for potential book club use, and the Resource Guide she’d spent hours putting together for readers who might want to know more about the issues addressed in the book. She even deleted the e-mail signature that linked to her book on Amazon and B&N.

Fast forward eight-ish months to two nights ago, when she and INTERN had this conversation. Her book sales since that night of rage? 50-60 copies a week. Occasionally 35. Occasionally 70. But most weeks, with a regularity that is almost freakish, somewhere between 50 and 60.

“I realized that the people who buy my book do not give a CRAP about my writing process or my favorite cupcake store. I don’t know how they find out about my book. I guess people just recommend it to each other,” she said.

a follow’s not a book sale (though it’s very nice): thoughts on social media @ The Intern


Great Start for Children’s E-book Sales in 2012 @ Publishers Weekly

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Five Ways to Spiff Up Your Book Reviews @ The Bluestocking Society

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  1. I loved the Hunger Games cartoons and “y u so mean?” style summations of Hunger Games. I think I do remember feeling re: Peeta – get over it, can’t you see there are bigger things going on? Sheesh. But I did really enjoy the books and I liked the movie too.

    1. I SUPPOSE I could buy that Peeta was focusing on his “romance” with Katniss as a way to cope, but…eh. He makes up for it later on, though, I think!

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