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Happy Saturday, y’all! I have good news! Barring any massive screw-ups, we’ve got a move-in date for our new house! Exciting!! It won’t be for a few more weeks, but it’s nice to see the end of the tunnel, finally.

I’m most looking forward to getting my books back, of course! I’ve got a whole plan for what I’m going to read when I do: Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series (including that fourth book I never managed to read); at least one Diana Wynne Jones book, if not more; Pure by Julia Baggott; that one review book I really should have NOT packed; Carter Beats the Devil, since I’ve been meaning to reread it anyway; various fun Doctor Who books, maybe?

Meanwhile, I’m inching my way through The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness. I want to read it because I want to know what happens to Todd and Viola, and yet! I’m really scared. I feel kind of like I did when I read my first Stephen King book: terrified, fascinated, unable to read it at night in case I got nightmare.


Let Me Tell You About the Birds and the Bees: Gender and the Fallout Over Christopher Priest:

I’m frustrated. I’m tired of the disparity of voices, of who gets written off and who gets their blog posts discussed in The Guardian being dismally predictable. I’m tired of still having the “when men say it it’s awesome and when women say it it’s bitchy” conversation that was supposed to be sorted in 1985. Not because I have a whole bunch of horrible shit about awards that I’d like to say. I don’t. But I have to tell you that I don’t, so that you’ll think I’m a nice girl, so that I don’t come off as threatening, so that you’ll listen to what I say and not just write me off as an angry feminist…what? Bitch. Because feminist bitches are not to be listened to, don’t you know. They are not to be considered, not the way Priest was considered, even by people who disagreed, even by people who thought he went too far and too personal and too much.

What would BEA be without some drama? In case you missed it, here’s what’s been going on (most of it, anyway):
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The Problem Is Not The Books @ Saundra Mitchell’s blog. I feel like I’ve linked to this before? But whatever, it’s totally worth linking to again!

Cape Cod Style in Dana Point, California traditional bedroom

Things to keep in mind before you make a webcomic:

There are rare cases where you come out of the gates with beautiful pages and your story planned completely and a pretty website and everyone loves you. I can name a few people who have done that and it’s admirable but chances are you’re gonna have to work from the ground up. When babies are born they are covered in gross and scream crying and there’s like 5 years where all they do is poop. But one day they might grow up into a handsome cool actor with a nice haircut and a billion dollars.


So I saw The Hunger Games @ Occupation: Girl. Cleolinda always says it best.

The unplugged wedding: couples tell guests to put down their devices @ Offbeat Bride

How Books Work: The Hunger Games (Part 1) @ The Intern

This was a debate? @ The Horn Book (on that whole adults reading YA books thing that popped up again earlier this month)
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Free issues of Dark Matter magazine @ their website. “Dark Matter is an independent fanzine exploring science fiction, fantasy, art, life, the universe and everything.”

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  1. Thanks for the link, it was kind of exciting to see it posted somewhere ;D And I got to discover your lovely site as well; I have a feeling I’ll be poking around here for a while.

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