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Hiya! This post is a bit late but since I was having a fantastic time at the LA Times Festival of Books when it was originally supposed to go up, well…I hope y’all will forgive me. ;)

25 reasons I hate your main character @ terribleminds

Zombies, tax and cold soup, a guest post by Michael Grant @ We Love This Book
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Rick Riordan is doing a live 60-minute webcast from the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium in San Jose, CA, which sounds REALLY COOL. Details at

Kobo has got some really good coupons available, including 90% off one book! You don’t need to have a Kobo ereader to take advantage, either; there are apps for iPhones/Android(?) and if you download the files to your computer I think you can load them onto whatever can read epubs.

Plus this just happened: Plagiarism and The Story Siren. I’ve got some thoughts about this whole thing but since I think most of it won’t be helpful, I’ll just say this: I sincerely hope this’ll get people to think about how they treat other bloggers when those bloggers do something other people perceive as wrong. I saw bullying when people supposedly took “too many” books at ALA/BEA. I saw bullying when people posted negative reviews of popular books. I saw bullying when people just didn’t blog the way other people thought they should! And that’s wrong.

People aren’t going to bully the Story Siren into quitting blogging like they would if it were a smaller, less well-known/popular book blogger who had plagiarized; there won’t be any mobs forming, and probably everyone’s going to be reasonably polite about everything. The Story Siren is going to have to do a heck of a lot to make up for plagiarizing (and then hiding it for months) and I think she should be given that chance. Not because she’s a big name blogger, but because I think everyone (excepting especially violent/malicious criminals) should get second chances without having to run a gauntlet of angry people first. Just because someone does something wrong doesn’t mean that we should also do something wrong in return. It’s entirely possible to call out plagiarizers and talk about the issues surrounding it without becoming angry cavemen in the process.

I hope that made sense! Happy Monday, everyone. I’m going to spend the day resting, reading Lirael, and packing for my move tomorrow. We’re getting the keys to our house! Yay!

Update: The Story Siren responds. Not exactly what I wanted to read, but…at least it’s something. But is it something enough?

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  1. Great post! When it comes to the whole plagiarism thing, the Smart Bitches makes a great point: how many other posts are not the Story Siren’s? I’m glad that I stopped reading her blog years ago.

    Kobo. . .hmmm. I don’t really shop there anymore but I’m going to see what’s available for sale.

    • I suppose I just worry too much about people repeating the drama/bullying that happened in January/February after ALA midwinter. :( That was really bad, I think, but luckily we made it through okay. We can make it through this, too! And, actually, there hasn’t been too many bad things going on. Mostly everyone seems to be pretty calm right now.

      I wish that there were more books I could use the Kobo coupons on! I actually didn’t use one of the $5 off ones because I couldn’t find a book that I wanted that was discountable. I DID get some really good ones, though– including BZRK! For $1.19!!

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