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Happy one month anniversary of the Commonplace Post! Or something.

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Photo of extremely dusty Mickey Mouse and Porky Pig toys

I’m thinking of only going to the ALA conference next year because a) it’ll be right next to me once I actually move to California and b) it’ll be cheaper to go there instead of going to NYC for a week. If Ican swing both, though, I may do both! Anyway, since I haven’t heard of many book bloggers going to ALA, I’ve been Googling for info:
On the Topic of Bloggers at ALA @ Ten Cent Notes
ALA Survival Tips, New & Improved for #ALA11 @ Librarian By Day
Have you been to the ALA conference before? And/or are you going in 2012? Let me know!

Top Ten Fantasy Novels That Have Gay People In Them @ Autostraddle

Kyoichi Tsuzuki Collects Fashion Victims:

A guy taking pictures of a bunch of people’s bedrooms sounds, well, it sounds kind of creepy. But when that guy is Kyoichi Tsuzuki and the photos go into a book called Tokyo Style, the end result is a much talked-about, candid window into the lives of Generation X Tokyoites.

Photo of a plant wall inside an apartment

Kindle Books Now Available At Local Libraries @ GalleyCat

Season 7 of Doctor Who Delayed to Fall 2012 @ The Mary Sue. All this waiting for British shows is driving me up the wall!

October read-a-thon sign-ups are open! I’m cohosting again, btw! Yay!

Lauren Faust:

But the perception currently out there is that, if the main character is a girl, or if a significant portion of the cast is female, it is “for girls” only and exclusively. And usually, if something is planned for both genders, it means most of the characters are boys – and that maybe, if you’re lucky, there are a couple of girls who get to tag along. I long for the day that female characters are not considered novel.

At the same time, it’s hard to ignore the evidence that some specific content will attract mostly women and girls and that other content will mostly attract men and boys. I think that’s okay too – not to mention fun. The problem is the positively ancient issue that a girl will watch a show or a movie about a boy – but a boy won’t watch a show or movie about a girl. The people who profit from media need to protect their investment, and they know they’ll get a larger audience and make more money if they default to “for boys.” It remains the most common reason why girl stuff isn’t made.

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  1. I am, of course, sad that Doctor Who is delayed until later in the year next year BUT I am hoping it gives Steven Moffat’s team enough time to look over all the scripts carefully and plug up any plot holes. I’d much rather have a better season later than a medium one early.

    1. Me too, especially since that year is DW’s 50th anniversary and so it’ll be EVEN MORE IMPORTANT for it to be awesome. I’m also really happy Matt and Karen are sticking around! (And Arthur too, I assume.)

  2. ALA was in my area last year, and I was able to go to the exhibit hall for an afternoon. There weren’t really any general-interest sessions that I can recall, but it could be that they were on days when I wasn’t able to go, and I only paid for an exhibit hall pass anyway. In comparison to BEA, the exhibit hall is a lot smaller, and there weren’t as many review copies (which was fine by me). I also don’t think there were as many signings. I did picked up a few things, and talked to a few publishers, one of whom later sent me a book I was really wanting. Honestly, as is typical for me, what I liked best was that I went with a blogging friend (Frances of Nonsuch Book), and we got a lot of time to chat while walking the show floor.

    1. Ooo, thanks for the info! I’m still kind of wobbling about whether I should go to BEA as well as ALA, or JUST ALA or…I don’t know. I feel like I’m super prepared to do another BEA trip, whereas ALA will be entirely new and that is scary. Even IF I’ll be living right next to it and able to go home every day and stuff.

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