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Image of four different types of breakfasts, from 1811, 1861, 1911 and 1961

Stop Making Excuses If You Want To Travel @ Art of Backpacking

Will Copyright Stifle Hollywood?:

Despite their official position in this case, Hollywood producers have long realized the value of the public domain, and they have taken steps to manage the use of the shared resource. The M.P.A.A. continues to maintain a registry in which its members can claim a limited, industry-designated right to public domain works. The registry allows filmmakers to draw from the cultural storehouse of stories and characters without fear of an immediate challenge from their closest competitors.

Because of Congress’s transformation of the copyright system, filmmakers and producers today do not have the same access to the public domain as their predecessors. Technical, artistic and industrial innovation are at risk. Let’s hope that the Supreme Court restores the public domain to full strength, for Hollywood’s sake.

Cover of NPR's World Cafe Next 20 mix

{ organic alterations }:

This got me thinking: what if I didn’t use any magazine images or ephemera in my journal?

I wasn’t ready to leap past that and take out photos or drawings, and just removing magazine images and ephemera from my stash has proven to be difficult enough. I’ve been creating for the last two weeks using mostly patterned paper I’ve created myself, paints, and quick drawings in my journal, and let me tell you — a switch-up like this is HARD!

Bad Girls, paperback cover by  James Alfred Meese, 1958

4 thoughts on “Commonplace Post (6)”

    1. Ugh, me too. I watched a show about historical foods a while ago, and all the Victorian meals especially looked SO. GOOD. (Well, except for how they put a lot of stuff in aspic, which is gross.)

  1. Heh, the travel post reminds me of the posts bloggers make about people who say they’re too busy to read. I think it’s kind of the same thing: People want to read, but they want to do X, Y, and Z more. I want to travel, but not as much as I want to see my family for a good long time at Christmas, so that’s where my money and my time go.

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