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Some of these are relatively old– I lost my link list during the Great Computer Debacle of 2011, but then I remembered that I’d emailed a bunch to myself, and so here they are! Huzzah~ Still, there’s not a whole lot here. Oh well.

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The ‘App Gap’ – a new gap between the rich kids and the poor? @

Publishers: Want to Improve Sales>:

When a bad cover comes in on a book we love, we must resort to all kinds of games to bypass a customer’s automatic rejection. We booktalk it before actually revealing the cover, shielding it with our hands like something radioactive or hiding it in the middle of a stack of contenders. Once the time comes that we must finally show the book to the reader, we are forced to reassure kids that the story inside is fantastic; I’d like for someone from the art and marketing departments to come to the store and just once attempt to overcome the dubious, disgusted, and/or glazed looks on the faces of kids totally turned off by bad covers.

This is a t-shirt, btw. (!!)

Can Print-on-Demand Save the Book Industry?:

In a first from a major trade publisher, HarperCollins Publishers recently announced “Comprehensive Backlist.” This program will allow all physical bookstores, from the largest to the smallest, to promote and sell the HarperCollins backlist through in-store “Digital-to-Print at Retail” (DPR) using the Espresso Book Machine (EBM). The program will enable bookstores to offer thousands of trade paperback books from the HarperCollins catalog through a mix of traditionally printed books and DPR, as space and cash flow restrictions will no longer be a factor.

Terry Pratchett’s The Color of Magic is $0.99 at Amazon (the ebook version) and elsewhere, I think. It’s not my favorite Discworld book, but it’s a really good price!

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