Con Report: Bubonicon 41

Bubonicon 41
I went to Bubonicon last weekend a few weeks ago (lol laziness!), and I had a blast! It was actually my very first con, and I think it was a good choice. Big, but not so big I’d be overwhelmed.

I mostly went for the panels and the author signing– actually, I only went for one day (instead of all three days), but Saturday was the best day so I didn’t mind terribly. I actually spent most of my time going up to the second floor and leeching food out of the con suite (complimentary foods!), then going back down to the first floor to take pictures of cosplayers, trying to find my friend and/or coworkers, and wandering around the dealers room trying to find Doctor Who stuff (and good books).

I got there really early– around 9am (the con opened at 10)– so I sat around reading an ebook until registration started. Then, once I got my badge, I wandered around looking for something to do until the Doctor Who panel started at 1pm. I checked out the dealers room, which was surprisingly tiny, and somehow I found a hardback collection of some Lord Darcy stories! I snapped that up right quick. The dealer turned out to be a Randall Garrett fan, and we talked about the authorized sequels for a bit.

After wandering to and fro for a bit more, I found myself in a comic jam hosted by 7000 BC, a local comic group. Actually, I had gone in thinking that Labyrinth was being shown there but, er, that was for Sunday. Whoops. But even though I can’t draw worth beans, everyone was really nice and we had fun drawing some comics.

Steampunk bitThen I did something else for a while that I can’t entirely recall. Probably drank coffee and took some pictures of women dressed in steampunk outfits (who were AWESOME and NICE). Finally, it was one o’clock and time for some Doctor Who! Specifically, the panel about the Doctor’s companions and what function(s) they serve in the series. It was pretty small, but I enjoyed hearing other people talk Whovian and even spoke up myself a little bit. (The panel was hosted by Lori Jansen, who I think is the president of our local Doctor Who club?)

I ran into my friend (D.) completely by accident (though at that point I had been looking for her for about 3 hours), and we went to a panel together: The Publish-ocalypse: The Economy & the Genre. I was hoping it’d be good, but unfortunately it just seemed to be authors pissed off at their publishers and not wanting to do any online publicity for themselves (though they do want ebook versions of their books available for purchase).

After that was the massive autograph session with every single guest signing whatever they could get their hands on. I really was only familiar with one of the authors present, though I had heard of at least George R.R. Martin before, of course. Jane Lindskold very kindly signed my copy of The Buried Pyramid even though I was so nervous I could barely speak to her! It didn’t occur to me until later that I should have gotten a picture with her, but I thought it’d be weird if I went back a second time. So I, er, didn’t. (Next year!) My friend ended up speaking to George R.R. Martin (who is really intimidating in real life, even more than Jane Lindskold) and then we went in search of sustenance until the next panel around an hour later.

Maxwell's Demon panelThat panel was titled Maxwell’s Demon: Combining SF and Horror. It was a fabulous panel, my favorite of the day, with lots of nifty, intelligent, funny authors who knew what they were talking about and whose books I’m definitely going to read one day. They also mentioned a lot of books other people wrote, and since I didn’t take notes I can’t remember any of them. Darn!

The panel right after that was about adapting books to film (From Print to Film: Adapting Challenges), which interested my friend more than me (she’s an aspiring screenwriter), so I left halfway through to see an episode of Kamen Rider. Unfortunately they couldn’t get the projector to work, so I never saw it. Oh well!

And then, finally, it was the costume contest. I had to leave right near the beginning, unfortunately, and all my pictures suck. Bah.

Lots of other stuff happened besides what I’ve put here, but it’s probably boring to anyone who’s not me and this post is already on the edge of banality already. Next year I think I’m going to stay on site and go for all three days. I’ll be exhausted, but it’ll be worth it because next year’s theme is “Life, the Universe, and Everything.” Bubonicon 42, baby!

And: Flickr group for Bubonicon 41 | Author Mario Acevedo’s report

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