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historical heartthrobs Historical Heartthrobs: 50 Timeless Crushes—From Cleopatra to Camus by Kelly Murphy and Hallie Fryd

This book compiles photos and life stories of 50 of the sexiest men and women from history and asks the essential question: Would you really want to date them? Some are artists, some are scientists, and many are political or military leaders, but all have had a lasting impact on human life—and a sizable impact on their admirers as well. Each entry describes the period in which the heartthrob lived and includes essential stats, hilarious sidebars, and, of course, a “crushability” ranking: a measurement of how crush-worthy these people really are, based on their relative levels of heroism (or villainy).

I’m participating in a blog tour about this book later this month! It’s super cute you guys– it reminds me of those facts books from when I was a kid in the late 1990s, the kind that made you feel really smart for knowing random facts about a bunch of dead people. Also, funny humor stuff mixed with history = WIN for me.

stoneheart Stoneheart by Charlie Fletcher

A city has many lives and layers. London has more than most. Not all the layers are underground, and not all the lives belong to the living.

Twelve-year-old George Chapman is about to find this out the hard way. When, in a tiny act of rebellion, George breaks the head from a stone dragon outside the Natural History Museum, he awakes an ancient power. This power has been dormant for centuries but the results are instant and terrifying: A stone Pterodactyl unpeels from the wall and starts chasing George. He runs for his life but it seems that no one can see what he’s running from. No one, except Edie, who is also trapped in this strange world.

And this is just the beginning as the statues of London awake

This is a story of statues coming to life; of a struggle between those with souls and those without; of how one boy who has been emotionally abandoned manages to find hope.

This is a reread; I originally listened to the first book in audiobook YEARS ago, and I bought the entire trilogy recently in ebook format so I could finally finish the series. I’ll admit it: I miss Jim Dale’s narration.

Death TVThe Kindaichi Case Files, Vol. 3: Death TV by Kanari Yozaburo and Sato Fumiya

Hajime Kindaichi, the brilliant but underachieving high school junior, is spending his winter break interning for “Shock TV”, a hidden-camera reality show. It sounds like fun: putting an unsuspecting actress in a situation that mirrors the well-known local myth, “The Legend of the Snow Demon,” and filming her as she gets the life scared out of her. But when the actress is found dead, could it be the work of the real Snow Demon? Maybe it’s not just a myth. Now members of the TV crew are turning up dead as well. Kindaichi better get to the root of this mystery fast, or he could wind up the next victim!

Continuing onward in my “read all my unread graphic novels” adventures. I kinda remember reading this one, but not really? So I’m looking forward to a reread.

What’re you currently reading?

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