Currently Reading: Making Money (+ library haul)

Isn’t it funny how, even if I have 50+ books on my TBR pile staring me in the face, I still feel as if I have nothing to read? The only solution is to go raid the library shelves, which is exactly what I did last Friday. Here’s what I came away with:


(Clicking on the book title leads to Amazon, which means it’s an affiliate link. For more info: read this.)

Right now I’m about halfway through Making Money and I AM understanding a lot more thing! Not least the whole idea behind “gold standard” and why it’s silly, which I mostly skimmed over last time.

What are you reading this week?

2 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Making Money (+ library haul)”

  1. The last time I ended up at the library, I left with a lot more books than I was planning on. It happens. 🙂 You want adult fantasy while I have a craving for middle grade fantasy! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and this cool weather we’re having.

    1. I’ve been deliberately taking a smaller tote bag with me to the library lately– if I can’t fit a book in there, it ain’t coming home with me. (Keeps me from wanting to kill myself for dragging a huge bag of books home on the bus.) 😀

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