Currently reading: The Diamond Age, Well Witched, The Children of Green Knowe

I have been forcing my way through my reading slump by basically reading what I can when I can. Which is why it took me about two weeks to read The Diamond Age! I read maybe 10 pages a day? But I read them! And now I’ve finished the book! Huzzah! The Diamond Age

Unfortunately, the ending of The Diamond Age (scifi) almost completely ruined the rest of it for me, and now I’m not even sure how I’m going to review it.1 Basically everything RIGHT up until the last twenty or thirty pages was amazing and fantastic and fascinating. And then. The thing happened. Ugh.

HOW could such an ending be attached to such an otherwise great book? HOW? Ugh ugh ugh.

Anyway, another book I finished reading this week was Well Witched by Frances Hardinge (YA fantasy), a reread. If you’re looking for a spooky book to read during the Halloween season, I definitely recommend it! And now I want to reread ALL of Frances Hardinge’s books, and maybe read her new ones as well. I know I’ve got The Lost Conspiracy around here somewhere; it’s a huge book but it’d be worth reading again for sure, even if I have to carry it around for a few weeks.

Children of Green KnoweAnd right now I’m reading The Children of Green Knowe (children’s fantasy), and it’s terrifically spooky and magical and I like it. For some reason I remembered not liking it the first time I read it– but rereading my review it turns out I actually liked it a lot? AND I read the second book, too, which I completely forgot about.

Has your memory ever played tricks with you about books you’ve read?


  1. Considering how very behind I am on reviews, though, I probably won’t have to worry about writing it for another two months. Ha.

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