Currently (re)reading: The Warrior’s Apprentice (also, it’s annual book purge time)

Warrior's ApprenticeI’m currently in the early stages of a reread of The Warrior’s Apprentice, a Vorkosigan saga book. I LOVE IT SO MUCH it’s actually making me giddy reading it, and I have to keep taking breaks to calm down. I’m a little surprised at how vehement my love for it is, since when I reviewed it the first time I only gave it 3.5 stars. But that’s the nice thing about rereading! All the things I liked about it the first time gets added to all the things I like about now, and it turns into something AWESOME.

Meanwhile, I’m going through my paper book collection and getting rid of anything I can.

I’m out of room, y’see! And a lot of books in my collection are ones I’ve read once, five years ago. I’ve kept them because I might want to reread them someday– but it hasn’t happened yet, and meanwhile I’ve got about two inches of space to move around in my bedroom.

So it’s time to purge some books! This is actually a really hard thing for me to do, because I remember everything about every book I have– like when and where I got it, what I thought about it, etc. I have to be really tough with myself and not get caught up in the memories so much that I keep some book I haven’t read in 10 years just because I know its entire history.

It also helps that I can get an ebook edition of a book if I want! For example, I have most of the Shopaholic books because I really enjoyed reading them for a few years (2006-2009, I think). I haven’t read them in a while and I don’t particularly want to read them again, but if I ever DO I can just get the ebooks!

So far I’ve removed 107 books from my collection! I think I’ve gotten to the point where (once I get everything back on the shelves) I can breathe again, so I can stop the purge for the moment. I may go through my TBR pile, though, just to be thorough.

How often do you go through your book collection? Do you get rid of a lot of your books?

2 thoughts on “Currently (re)reading: The Warrior’s Apprentice (also, it’s annual book purge time)”

  1. You’re doing great with culling your collection! In the past year or so, I’ve given away probably 300 books including the past cull a week ago of about 100 books. It’s so freeing not to have guilt and have plenty of space!

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