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Spotted on WordPress.com’s front page: Top 10 Underrated Fantasy Stories Before 1937. Includes one of my favorite fantasy books, which I sort of wrote about before, The Princess and the Goblin!

Over at Presenting Lenore, Lenore posts about bad behaviors book bloggers fall prey to.

Also there’s this old Tor.com post, which I forgot about for a while. It’s about book bloggers being too nice, basically, and why they’re reluctant to write negative reviews for books. Also some stuff about writers who review, and what they go through when doing so.

I tend to go by the belief that negative reviews are needed, that they’re even a GOOD thing, if a book warrants it (or a reader thinks it does). I like being fair, and if a book is getting only positive reviews because the people who didn’t like it are too afraid to post their views– that’s unbalanced. I don’t want people to be afraid to post negative reviews! That seems almost like, I don’t know, shaming a blogger into just conforming with the majority or just keeping their mouth shut.

Of course, I recently went through this dilemma myself. But then, I wasn’t particularly afraid of what the author would think; I was afraid of what other bloggers/fans of the book would think. I worried about hurting their feelings, which I know can happen when someone doesn’t like a book you love, and I also worried about being the only person to not like that book. Was I weird? What was wrong with me, that I didn’t like this book? Would people attack me? Not want to be my friend any more? It was like high school all over again, seriously.

But then I thought: 1. I can’t be the only person not to like this book. What if other people didn’t like it but are just afraid to write about it like I was? 2. Just because everyone else seemed to like it doesn’t mean that I had to, or that something was wrong with me for not liking it. 3. I can handle any negativity pretty well by now, after over a year blogging (kinda). And so I posted my negative review! To be honest, I’m still pretty nervous about that thing (the trolls have to start coming eventually), but I’m hoping that by posting it I’ve done something, er, positive! for the blogging community. Maybe.


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