Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 17: Favorite world (#dwjmarch)

diana wynne jones month march
I’m playing catch up! Still working out the kinks re:new job and blogging. Anyway, Monday’s topic was Favorite World.

If you’ve read even a little of my blog, my answer will be pretty obvious: Chrestomanci, Chrestomanci, Chrestomanci. Bonus points for the fact that the world of the Chrestomanci series is actually a series of worlds! They’re all in the same universe (kinda), but they’re separate entities. It’s like a bonus feature!

Of all those worlds, though, my favorite is probably the one of Witch Week (pre-fixing). It’s a little creepier than the other worlds– people KILL witches! Instead of just thinking they’re awesome, see. I like the creepiness and the sense of danger running throughout the book. Makes things exciting.

I also like the school setting. Boarding schools are my JAM (at least fictional ones, anyway) and I especially love that it’s a school for witches that doesn’t mean to actually teach them magic. Again, danger + difference = exciting!

What’s your favorite world of Diana Wynne Jones?

3 thoughts on “Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 17: Favorite world (#dwjmarch)”

  1. I love a school setting, but the one in Year of the Griffin is better than the one in Witch Week. Neither one’s an ideal school but at least there’s a wonderful library at Elda’s university, and lots of good friends.

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