Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 3: Favorite Character (#dwjmarch)

diana wynne jones month march
I’m determined to actually talk about books OTHER than the ones in the Chronicles of Chrestomanci, if only to be slightly more fair to the many other DWJ books I adore. Therefore, I am NOT going to say my favorite character is Christopher Chant/Chrestomanci, as I might otherwise do. Instead, I’m going to say my favorite character is Charmain, from House of Many Ways! House of Many Ways

I like her because she’s a bookworm, because she’s kinda stuck up and mean, because she tends to ignore the real world in favor of books, because she’s never had to fend for herself OR take care of others, and because, in the course of the book, she realizes her faults and changes into a slightly better version of herself. I’ll also be a little narcissistic and say that she’s probably the closest to myself a DWJ character could get. Bonus points!

Charmain takes some time getting used to, which is why I’d sincerely recommend rereading House of Many Ways a few times if, the first time you read it, you didn’t much like her (this is what happened to me). One of the best things about Diana Wynne Jones’ books is that she let her kids be KIDS, petulance and un-grown-up behavior and all. But she didn’t let them STAY that way (if they’re the protagonist of the book, anyway), which makes them ultimately more enjoyable to read about.

Who’s your favorite Diana Wynne Jones character? Besides Christopher and Charmain, I also adore Cat and probably every other character with a C-name, if I continue along the same pattern.

3 thoughts on “Diana Wynne Jones Month, Day 3: Favorite Character (#dwjmarch)”

  1. Yay Charmain! I do like that she acts just like you would expect a kid on her own for the first time to act — a little bit insecure, a lot of over-compensation but also a sincere desire to make it through the experience unscathed, whatever it takes. And she definitely is a better person by the end, which doesn’t always happen with DWJ!

  2. OH JORIS. Joris is one of my total favorite characters, from Homeward Bounders. I love everything about Joris — how he always has just the thing stored inside his pockets, and how he’s really serious about his job, and he is nice even when he’s annoying. JORIS.

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