Discount mysteries at Poisoned Pen Press

So Poisoned Pen Press, an independent publisher based in Arizona, has been doing these monthly deals on books this year. I haven’t really paid attention to them before, and I’m kicking myself about that now because WOAH there are some good books available. For only $0.99! Basically, I can’t resist $1 books. More than $1, okay, I need to think about it (especially if I’m running low on Amazon gift cards). $1 or less? I am THERE.

I ended up getting 9 books for a little less than $9! This month’s books are almost EVERYTHING I like in a mystery: women sleuths, WWII spies, international travels, British snark! And there’s even a true crime book that looks pretty darned good. There are a total of 12 books available to buy, and you can check them all out here. Since most of them usually retail for $6.99-9.99 (ebook prices), this is a seriously good deal.

I bought mine direct from the publisher, but I think they’re all available for the same price at various ebook retailers, including Kobo (where you might be able to use coupons?) and Amazon. If you buy ’em from PPP you’ll need a credit card (no PayPal option), btw. I think all their books are available worldwide, too! No geographic restrictions! Plus they’re DRM-free and come in Kindle and EPUB format. Yay!

Are you going to buy any mysteries? What’d you get?

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