eBook Wednesday: Amazon launches Kindle app for iPhone

Kindle app Yes, folks, it’s true. A Kindle app for the iPhone! And of course it’ll work for the iPod Touch as well (actually, I’m testing it out now). Here’s some details:

Starting Wednesday, owners of these Apple devices can download a free application, Kindle for iPhone and iPod Touch, from Apple’s App Store. The software will give them full access to the 240,000 e-books for sale on Amazon.com, which include a majority of best sellers.

Okay, so I don’t actually know how that compares to other ebook retailers, like BooksOnBoard.com, but it’s a heck of a lot of ebooks.

“We think the iPhone can be a great companion device for customers who are caught without their Kindle,” said Ian Freed, Amazon’s vice president in charge of the Kindle.

Mr. Freed said people would still turn to stand-alone reading devices like the $359 Kindle when they want to read digital books for hours at a time. He also said that the experience of using the new iPhone application might persuade people to buy a Kindle, which has much longer battery life than the iPhone and a screen better suited for reading.

Or maybe not. Sheesh, that’s kinda arrogant.

Quotes are from here!

The Amazon Kindle for iPhone app is FREE (iTunes Link), but it looks like books need to be purchased from Amazon directly via PC or Mac and transferred over, or from the iPhone via Mobile Safari.

Oh god, SO ANNOYING. And dumb, too! Why not just be able to buy the books inside the app, like with the eReader/Stanza apps?

Whispersync is also enabled so you can start reading on the Kindle, switch to the iPhone, and basically go back and forth without losing your place. Books you’ve already purchased for the Kindle, of course, can be placed on the iPhone or iPod touch as well.

Quotes from here!

I haven’t downloaded any books yet (I’m just going to try out the freebies, besides), but looking at the basic design it pretty much just looks like Stanza. Will update after I download something and check out the formatting.

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