eBook Wednesday: This time I mean business.

Remember my last eBook Wednesday post, where I said I was too afraid to buy ebooks? Yeah, I got over that.

I don’t know if dealers are reading my blog or what, but a few days after I wrote that the Temeraire series was cheaper in paperback than ebook, the ebook prices went down. Now it’s cheaper to buy the ebooks than the paper books! Huzzah! I returned my pbooks and bought the electronic versions.

Turns out good deals conquer all fears. Well, not all, but I’m feeling much better about buying ebooks. Why? Numero uno, because Fictionwise/eReader, my favorite place to buy ebooks, allows me to download a copy of my books to my computer, where I can back it up myself, and numero dos, um. Because of piracy.

I don’t want to get into a whole big thing about legal vs illegal and DRM and consumer uncertainty, etc; my point is that if I lose my (legal) copies and can’t get them back for whatever reason, it’s comforting to know that I’ll be able to get a copy through other (albeit illegal) means. Y’know? Companies might fail, but bootleggers will live on.

(I hope you don’t all think I’m a pirate, now. Oh dear.)

Well, anyway, I have some more news. In an effort to fully immerse myself in the book world, to get myself more accustomed to using ebooks like my pbooks, and to support the ebook enterprise, I’m giving myself a challenge for April. For one month, all books I buy will be ebooks. Ha! Here’s the details:

– I buy around 5-10 (paper) books a month (not including any BookCloseouts sprees), so I’m expecting to buy at least that many in ebooks. I’ll still be shopping the same way I do for paper books, however, with coupons and deals and so on. I’m not made of money!
– Free books count as “buying” if they are normally sold for money. Does that make sense?
– I can still read paper books, and check them out from the library. I just won’t buy them.
– I get one free pass if I get a really good coupon through Borders/B&N.
– I get another pass if I make it to the FOTL book sale this month. Cheap books must be bought whatever format they be in!

I have some goals, too!
Goal #1: For the majority (more than half) of my reading this month be ebooks (whether bought this month or before, or whether I got it for free from somewhere).
Goal #2: To focus more on paying for content and not format. Ebooks are just as worthy as spending $8 on as mass-market paperbacks are, and I’ll have to work on convincing myself of that.
Goal #3: To have fun!

I’ll be keeping track of which ebooks I buy/download this month, and at the end of April I’ll make a post summing up what I bought/read/thought of the whole, etc. Should be fun, hopefully!

I’ll also be posting more about ebook deals and news/discussion, and generally trying to be more supportive of ebooks than I may have been in the past. They won’t necessarily be only in eBook Wednesday posts, either.

Yay books!

0 thoughts on “eBook Wednesday: This time I mean business.”

  1. Those are great eBook goals! Nearly all my reading in 2009 has been electronic and I love it.

    And fictionwise/ereader are amazing. I’m sure you know this, but both have big sales/bonus deals on until the end of today – great time to buy! 🙂

    If you haven’t read MY ebook novel, “Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo”, you can get it for free from my blog. 🙂

  2. i don’t have any ebooks…but i have the kindle app on my iphone…just haven’t tried it out. i’m afraid i’ll go blind or something…

    as for book shopping…wow, you buy a ton of books each month. i mostly borrow from the library and save buying for books i LOVE…

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