Awesome things are going on at Tools of Change

Today’s the last day of the O’Reilley Tools of Change conference (and can I just say how freaking jealous I am of everyone who got to go?) and I’ve been eagerly reading the various Tweets coming from attendees. One especially fascinating Tweet– that later turned into this post— was from @SmartBitches (of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, obviously) regarding this interesting little ebook reader: The Readius. It’s not new, but since I’ve never heard of it before it’s new to me. Ha!

Here’s a video demonstrating a little of how it works:

So awesome, right! Too bad it’s all locked up regarding content and its end users. (More about the Readius here.)

But wait, that’s only one awesome thing! Plural means more than one, right? Right. So here’s another:

(That’s Kassia Kroszer of Booksquare, as the unwilling ebook reader. lol.)

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  1. Thanks for the insight on the conference — I wish I could have been there, too. The future of the book, and the way authors have already begun writing collaboratively — like Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail — is a fascinating topic. Could the Harry Potter books have been written by the crowd?

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