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So for the last week or so I’ve been trying to get all my ebooks entered into my LibraryThing account, mainly so I could finally have an accurate eTBR list. Y’see, my ebooks are all spread out between different accounts– I’ve got my Kindle books, my Nook books, my Kobo books, my Google ebooks, my iBooks,2 my books that don’t belong to a particular ereader and so just live in my Calibre program3…it’s kind of a lot of work to track them all down. Also, it’s annoying. I suppose I could just stick them all in my Calibre collection, DRM be damned, but that’s a lot of annoying work and I don’t feel like doing it. It’s almost easier to have them all listed in my LT account, and so that’s what I’m doing.4

Right now I’m working on adding in my Kindle books. Luckily I’ve kept a very detailed list of which books I’ve downloaded for the past two years or so, so it’s just a matter of copy-pasting in the titles and finding the right version and adding it into my ebooks LT collection. It’s still slow and annoying, but at least it works okay.

Current eTBR total: 475. So basically if I don’t download any more ebooks (ha!) and read one ebook a day (double ha!), I’ve got enough for over a year’s worth of reading. This makes me feel really good about my paper TBR books, which is somewhere around 160 and thus much more manageable. I plan on adding my audiobooks in next, and that’s a bit worrying because those things take forever to read.5

I’ve also been trying to keep my “books read” list in my LT account and that’s super annoying because there’s one book missing for 2012 and I can’t figure out which one it is. Makes me glad I’ve been using my Goodreads account more this year, because at least I know that one’s accurate. Still, I like my LT library because (theoretically) everything’s in there and it’s all tagged and sorted and, while the social aspects aren’t as fancy as GR, I do like the talk forums. I think if LT had a currently reading widget (and/or a reading challenge widget) I wouldn’t even use GR, to be honest.

Speaking of reading challenge widgets: mine says I’m one book behind, so I’d better get back to reading my current book.6


  1. This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just like it.
  2. all of which I read on my iPod Touch, btw. I’ve been using it more than my Kindle, even!
  3. which is a really nifty program, btw.
  4. So there.
  5. even with the speed turned up to 1.5! Not chipmunk voice speed, but sort of breathless omglookwhat’shappening.
  6. Do you have a LibraryThing account? Let me know so I can add you to my friends list!
  7. This is what I meant by a non-review, non-meme post, btw. If that wasn’t obvious already, I mean.

10 thoughts on “Ebooks and LibraryThing and so on”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of e-books! I’m a little afraid to tally mine up. I add review copies and purchased books to my regular old TBR, but I’ve got a lot of freebies sitting on my e-reader. They’re spread out over a few different apps on my Kobo, too, which makes it hard to tell exactly how many there are. One of these days, I’ll eschew print books for a month or two just so I can bust through all the free stuff I’ve downloaded.

    1. Exactly! Though now that I don’t really HAVE any paper books (as they’re packed away at the moment), I’ve fairly ripping through my eTBR. Which is good!

  2. I did this a few months ago–added all my eBooks to a shelf on GR–although I don’t have nearly as many eBooks as you do, and they were all my kindle, so it wasn’t as much of a mess. At first I was a little skeptical it would help me keep track of my eBooks, but it actually has helped considerably. It’s so easy to forget about your eBooks when you have lovely paper books staring you in the face.

    1. Yup! I really like going through and changing my tags from “unread” to “read,” too. It’s very satisfying, like checking off a thing on a list.

  3. I have been cataloguing my paper books and I’m ashamed to admit to my TBR pile number. I don’t really want to get started on the ebooks, because I’m already so ashamed. Then again, my ebooks are pretty much all public domain or review copies, so that should make me feel less pressured.

    I agree that if LT had a currently reading widget, and perhaps the reading challenge thing GR has, then I wouldn’t use GR much or at all. Although I admit, I like the fact that you can comment quickly on what someone is reading over there.

    1. Yeah, the social bits of GR are much better! The cataloging system at LT is a bit nicer, though, I think. Plus I like the statistics and stuff, too.

  4. I have a LibraryThing account (shelleyraec) but prefer Goodreads and use that primarily, it’s much quicker to add a book to a shelf than at LT. I think most of the books I own are listed in there though not specifically marked as I own – I usually mark it when I review it. I use Calibre and Stanza with my iPod touch as well so I do have a record of most of my e-collection, which is scarily extensive (and about double (and a bit more) yours!)
    I would like to be more organised but its just such a daunting task!

    1. I actually took a few days off from adding my ebooks to my LT account! Copy-pasting is easy, but VERY mind-numbing after a while.

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