Fellow book bloggers: be kind to yourselves.

Every few months somethin happens in the book blogging world where there’s this zeitgeist of panic that bloggers aren’t “doing enough.” People worry they’re not posting enough, comment enough, they don’t have the right social media outlets, a whole bunch of worries.

And I understand where they’re coming from! I have worried about those same things, over and over again, until finally I figured out the secret. Here it is: I am not obligated to do things I don’t want to do just because other bloggers do it, and just because they do something doesn’t mean I have to do it, too.

It’s one thing to go into blogging with the mentality that it’s a business and you’re going to the top; if that’s your thing then go for it!

But blogging is my hobby, and hobbies are supposed to be fun, and I do NOT have to worry myself to death about the following:

1. Posting on a schedule.
2. Reading on a schedule.
3. Making money with ads/affiliates.
4. ARCs: getting them and/or reading them.
5. How many hits and/or comments each post gets.
6. If I’m posting too many reviews/not enough reviews/things other than reviews/etc..

So now it’s your turn:
Do what you can whenever you can! If you want to do a thing, do it. If you don’t want to do a thing, don’t do it.

Most of all, be kind to yourself. Would you yell at a fellow blogger for not posting 5x a week? No? Then don’t yell at yourself, either.

Hugs for everyone, because y’all are awesome and ilu!

This seems like a good time to mention the Book Blogger Love-a-thon which is happening February 21-22. Join up and spread the love!

10 thoughts on “Fellow book bloggers: be kind to yourselves.”

  1. BEST GIF. (In December, Vulture did a post about which platonic pairing on Friends was the best one? And they used that gif when they were talking about Joey and Chandler? And then they didn’t choose Joey and Chandler as the best platonic pairing, which is obviously insane. It’s obviously Joey and Chandler. Duh.)

    1. My favorite platonic pairing is Phoebe with anyone else, because I love Phoebe the best (although she got written into a complete cuckoolander mess the longer the show went on). But I can appreciate Joey and Chandler!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I really needed it. The main issue I have is feeling guilty for not visiting blogs enough or responding to comments right away. Don’t get me wrong, I make it a point to respond to every comment. But I feel guilty if it takes me a day or two instead of the same day. Ugh

    1. It takes me a WEEK sometimes! Don’t worry about it; you’ll get to it when you can, and meanwhile nobody’s going to die from waiting for a reply (unless you’re running a doctor blog, maybe). 🙂

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