GIVEAWAY! Halith by Kirsten Kelly

Who: Me, to one (1) randomly chosen lucky winner. International entries are welcome.
What: One (1) used copy of Kirsten Kelly’s new book, Halith. Here is a summary:

Halíth presents the fantastical world of Aessyra where prophesy tells of an evil brewing and only “the One” can stop it. Halíth’s journey begins when she steals away from an impending marriage to a fat merchant, deemed by her uncle to be a good match. In a fit of passion, she runs away in the deep of night, with nothing to her name, and is soon transformed from a scared 16 year old girl to a young warrior ready to answer her fate. In the beginning, Halíth embraces her new adventurous lifestyle focusing on fighting battles, learning the trades of the Dwarves, and drinking and making merriment in local taverns. Soon; however, Halíth’s true test of maturity comes when the Great War finally breaks out across Aessyra. The Haddu, a coalition of Orcs, trolls, and others faithful to a demonic religion, are swarming over the land, seeking to usher in the Third Darkness. Halith must grapple with challenges within and without as she dodges assassins, endures the betrayal of those closest to her, and tries to make sense of her so-called “destiny.”

Where: Right here! Hello.
When: Starting today, April 1, and ending April 15th at 12am MST (2am EST/1am CST/11pm PST/etc).
Why: Two reasons: a) I tried reading this and didn’t particularly love it, but someone else might! and b) I haven’t done a giveaway in, like, a year or something, and I wanted to do one.
How: Fill out this form. You can get some additional entries for helping me promote the giveaway.

The winner will be announced on the 16th! Good luck!

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