Happy release day, Tuesdays at the Castle!

I loved this book when I reviewed it back in July and I still love it now. If you need a reminder (and I’m sure you do):

I adored this book. I loved everything about it. I don’t think JDG was a step out of place anywhere, and that’s a more rare thing that you’d think. Do you like MG fantasy books? Yes? Then you seriously need to read Tuesdays at the Castle. I’m telling you this for your own good: listen to me! Do as I say! You won’t regret it.

Read my complete review here, or go ahead and order your copy from Amazon or BookDepository.

Happy release day, Tuesdays!

Edit: Except not, because the new release day is now October 25. Whoops.

6 thoughts on “Happy release day, Tuesdays at the Castle!”

  1. So, this is a new series, right? I wish she would work on her other series before starting a new one. That will mean if I read this I have two series on the go by the same author..

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