How to Blog Without Internet Access: A Short Tips Post

Now that I’ve only got internet access on the weekends (again), I’ve gone into my “offline blogging” mode. I don’t like rushing to get everything done during the hours I DO have time to be online, nor do I like to spend my entire weekend formatting posts. So! I’ve come up with a little system to get things up in time, and it’s working out well so far.

I hope that my tips can help if, like me, you don’t have regular internet access but still want to have an online “life.” 😀

The things you will need are:
a) a basic text program (like Textpad or something)
b) basic html knowledge (check out this post for some help!)
c) basic blogging dashboard knowledge (mainly how to schedule posts)

The Tips

1. Have a review notes notebook (or text file).
This is sort of related to my review formula tip! Basically, have a dedicated place where you can write down your thoughts about a book immediately after reading it (or even while you’re reading it). They don’t have to be extensive– just quick thoughts about favorite characters, if you liked the ending, etc.

Before, in the golden days of Constant Internet, I used to just write reviews on the fly, and then post them immediately. It took FOREVER, usually because I’d have to wrack my brains for thoughts about a book I’d read two weeks before. It’s much easier to include details and interesting tidbits about a book when you’ve got a list of notes to refer to.

2. Keep track of more than book notes: keep track of blog ideas, discussion topics, random thoughts, etc. Whenever you need inspiration for a post, check it out!
I’ve got a text file full of different post ideas– discussions, tips, bits of new features I want to try out sometime. Whenever I need to fill a gap in my posting schedule, I just expand on the snippets to make a full post.

That’s how this post happened, actually! I had the idea early one morning: I made a note of it, made a general outline of what I wanted to include, and then several days later I expanded on that outline. I wrote the whole thing in a text file (including relevant HTML) and saved it to upload to my blog later. Tada! I’ve got an internesting post and I didn’t waste three hours of my precious internet time trying to work it out all at once.

3. Have a template of your review format saved offline.
My review template looks like this:

Title by author

Reading Challenge:

[Summary] (from Amazon)


I’ve got it saved to a text file and I just copy-paste it into my reviews.txt file (which is where I keep copies of all the reviews I write before I post them). Then I just fill it in with what info I have!

When I’m online again, all I have to do is put in links, upload a cover image, and copy-paste the book summary from Amazon. It goes faster if your review template doesn’t depend on a lot of info you need from the internet– that’s partly why I pared mine down such a lot compared to last year. The less time I spend on prettying up my reviews, the more time I have for writing them! (And checking my email.)

4. When you are online, use your time wisely.
During the week, I make a to-do list of what I want to get done while online. It keeps me focused. If I know exactly what I need to do I can zero in on those things and actually get them done, instead of staring at Twitter for twenty minutes and then wondering why I didn’t get all my posts scheduled for the week.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get everything done that you want to do, so don’t worry about it too much. Focus on the important stuff1 and don’t stress out about it too much! Blogging is supposed to be fun, remember?

Other helpful related tips I’ve written about before:
Scheduling is your friend.
Use a Review formula.
Take advantage of your creative periods.

More blogging tips can be found here, at the blogging tips page!

Do you ever blog while offline?


  1. mine are scheduling posts, commenting on my friends’ blogs and replying to emails.

4 thoughts on “How to Blog Without Internet Access: A Short Tips Post”

    1. Thanks, Belle! I agree, actually. You can get distracted by tons of stuff when you’re online, so sometimes it’s easier to deliberately take yourself away from temptation. Then you can focus and write LOTS of stuff instead of maybe one one or two things. 🙂

  1. I don’t know what I would do without internet access. It would be hard to keep up with blogging, that’s for sure!

    1. It IS depressing sometimes. I can keep up with my own blog, but commenting, hanging out on Twitter, visiting friends and participating in events is MUCH harder when you’re not constantly online. Sometimes I get lonely. 🙁

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