I have plans, okay.

After BBAW a lot of people had posts about their blog goals, and so I started thinking about my own blog and what I want out of it. It’s been 7 months since the last time I considered what direction I want my blog going towards, so maybe it’s time to do it again.

Last time, I said (or thought) that I wanted more subscribers, more comments, better reviews, etc. I did, and still do, measure success by how many comments a post gets and how many subscribers I have. I’m still working on making my reviews better. And I’m still working on becoming more involved in the blog community. But what’s changed?

Basically, I’ve gotten rid of all my “goals.” I now have plans, and I have rules. Plans, I find, are much easier to execute, and rules just make me feel better about trying to execute those plans. At the moment my plans just include studying stats and seeing what they mean in regards to my blog. I’m calling it Operation Find Out What’s Going On, and it’s pretty much just “how are people finding my blog? what link are people clicking on? who’s linking to me? why does this post have more comments than that post?” and so on. Subscribers, daily views, how “good” a review is, etc: I’m not worrying about that anymore and I’m not going to obsess about them except in regards to Operation FOWGO.

While I’m doing that, I’ve come up with some “rules” that I’m going to try and stick to. This is just what I’ve decided for myself, but I think they could work for other people, too (yeah, I’m talking to you). They’re actually more like suggestions (or affirmations?), but whatever. “Rules” sounds more important!

Anastasia’s blogging rules
1. It’s impossible to visit every blog in existence, even just book blogs.
But: Do make an effort to find new blogs to read! Branch out! Meet new people!

2. It’s okay to have blog friends, and to link to each other/talk about each other/generally be awesome to each other. It does not mean there’s a secret blogger alliance, or that there’s a popular crowd.
But: New friends are awesome, too. See above.

3. It’s okay not to like everyone. It’s okay not to have everyone like you.
But: Don’t get into fights if you can help it. It makes you look bad (and unprofessional). Get mad, rant, rave, but don’t name names (or phone numbers).

4. It’s okay not to have fifty comments on each of your posts. Even if you only have one comment on each post, that’s still worthwhile and wonderful.
But: Do keep seeking ways to introduce conversation. Ask discussion questions! Reply to the comments you do get!

5. It’s okay not the be the best. Stop judging yourself based on how others are doing. Not everyone can have 500 subscribers, 50 freebies form publishers and 5 million comments on each post.
But: Do keep striving to improve yourself/your blog in whatever way you consider “improving.”

Have your blogging goals changed lately? Do you have blogging rules?

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0 thoughts on “I have plans, okay.”

  1. Great plans! I need to sit down and think of how I can focus and improve my blog, but haven’t done that yet. But when I do, I will look back at your plans.

    I think right now I’m closer to where you were when you made your last goal-setting post. Right now I’m trying to improve my reviews and be more active in the book blogging community.

    1. It’s definitely doable! The important thing is to firmly lay out concrete steps or achieve your goal, or just ways you can measure if you’re getting closer to finishing your goal or not. Part of the problem with my goal of “write better reviews” was that I couldn’t measure what “better” was except by the amount of comments I got on a review. But because I’ve been more active in the community lately, and because I’ve made friendships and gotten more subscribers, I couldn’t know if the reviews that got comments were actually better or if people who tended to comment more were just reading those reviews and had something to say.

      So, come up with a better system than what I had thought up, lol. 😀

  2. My one blogging rule is not to blog if I don’t feel like it! When I first started, I kept feeling obligated to post something at least every two days because I was afraid that my viewership would go down! But, it was really stressful and took all the fun out of blogging. I had totally forgotten the real reason I started blogging in the first place – to have an outlet for my thoughts on what I read and not just randomly type out words to fill up my e-space. You brought up some really good points!

    1. Oooh, I had that same feeling! I’d start feeling anxious if I went for three-four days without posting because I was sure my subscribers would flee to greener pastures. (lol) I don’t worry about it anymore, but I think that’s because I’ve been posting so much lately (although now I’m worried people’ll think I post too much!), pretty much daily.

      I like what you said about not just filling up space– it’s totally true, and something to keep in mind while blogging. 😀

  3. Great rules. I may adapt some of them! One thing I want to do more of is build community, such as linking or tweeting about great posts (like I tweeted about your audiobook post the other day) and being involved with blogging and booking events.

  4. I read this post right away and then forgot to comment on it — shame on me!

    Anyway, I love the idea of having plans instead of goals. Plans seem more achievable and you can find a way to make yourself accountable which is something that’s harder with goals. I especially enjoy the first one; trying to balance blogging with blog reading with reading with school has been a challenge for me lately. I just have to remember you can’t read everything and it’s important to just do your best.

    Good post 🙂

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