Library Loot (#7)

Library Loot meme Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Eva and Marg that encourage bloggers to talk about what books they’ve gotten from their library during the week. Anyone can participate any time during the week, so feel free to write up your own post and link it using Eva’s (or Marg’s) Mr Linky!

I said to myself last week that I wouldn’t check out any more library books until I had made a large dent in the pile I already had checked out. But then I realized that I wouldn’t read many of them soon, and it’s tiring to keep renewing them– so I brought a bunch back.

But then I checked more out. The folly with my plan is that I work in a library and not only do I have lots of opportunities to shelf-shop I also keep being tempted by the New Books shelf. So I don’t think I’ll ever get below 20 books checked out, now.

(But is that really a bad thing?)

Ordinary Ghosts by Eireann Corrigan. The Postcard by Tony Abbott. The Lost City of Z by David Grann.

Ash by Malinda Lo. The Mark of Zorro by Johnston McCulley. Montmorency by Eleanor Updale.

Poison by Chris Wooding.

Leftover loot: The Wise Woman and Other Stories, The Golden Key and Other Stories, The Light Princess and Other Stories, The Gray Wolf and Other Stories, Princess Ben, A Touch of Dead, The Vampire Archives, The Crow, Crossing to Paradise, Codex, Hunger, The Charioteer, A Curse Dark as Gold

Returned: Castle Waiting (finished), The Riddle, The Magicians (finished), The Shield Ring, Frontier Wolf, Knight’s Fee, The Shining Company, Dawn Wind, The Capricorn Bracelet (unfinished)

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  1. I always tell myself I won’t check any more out, that it’s irrational…and then I go and check them out anyway! Haven’t read any of the ones you got, but there are some nice looking titles there. 😀

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