Library Loot (#9)

Library Loot meme Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Eva and Marg that encourage bloggers to talk about what books they’ve gotten from their library during the week. Anyone can participate any time during the week, so feel free to write up your own post and link it using Eva’s (or Marg’s) Mr Linky!

I can’t seem to stop myself from grabbing interesting-looking books off the shelf at work, even though I’ve been trying to read more books in my TBR pile, but oh well. Here’s what I’ve found in the last week or so.

Barefoot Gen vol. 1. Barefoot Gen vol. 2 (manga about the history of Hiroshima). Quant by Quant by Mary Quant (Mary Quant’s autobiography from 1966, which apparently is going for a bundle on Amazon).

The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien (the ugliest covers I’ve ever seen, but the only paperback versions available in my library).

The Hellfire Club by Peter Straub.

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