Links for 2009-1-17

  • “David Carnoy published Knife Music with a built-in e-reader application, which caused the App Store to reject his book based on his use of “objectionable” language. He ultimately decided that the promise of ebooks outweighed the problem of changing his work.”
  • “Everyone In Silico” by Jim Munroe, who used to work for HarperCollins, released this way back in 2004. Still, it looks great! Partial summary: “San Francisco has been destroyed by an earthquake and replaced by the virtual city of Frisco. Nearly everyone on earth wants to move to this fashionable cyberworld. This is no surprise. The physical world has become a sort of virtual reality: no one has privacy, and everyone is monitored by the corporations. Everyone is both consumer and salesperson, earning money by shilling cigarettes or software to strangers and friends. Why not abandon the flesh for the everlasting cyberspace of Frisco?”
  • Someone described this as Tarantino meets cyberpunk. Of course I’ve gotta read it! The author is also putting up commentaries for each chapter on his blog; kind of an interesting behind-the-scenes thing. Here’s the summary: “Why is a young Westerner living in a seedy Tokyo apartment with a crew of crazed cultists? To end the world, of course…”
  • Pretty handy! I’ve found a few books I’m interested in already. “I want to support independent authors, I’m especially interested in linking to them. I will add individual author sites and multi-author sites (if they offer something different from the ones already listed) distributing free ebooks legally. I will also add time limited promotional give aways.”
  • “Of the so-called “Big Four” multinational publishers in this country, only one — Simon & Schuster — has said it’s going to be at the trade show’s 2009 edition in Toronto June 19-22.” (via @globebooks)
  • Missed Neil Gaiman’s interview yesterday? Listen to it here! (via @neilhimself)

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