Links for 2009-1-20

  • NOM NOM NOM (via Neatorama)
    (tags: misc)
  • “Mississippi “Mibs” Beaumont comes from a family more unusual than most. In her family, when you turn thirteen you get your “savvy” – your own special and unique ability. Mibs’ thirteenth birthday is fast approaching, and she can’t wait to finally find out what her savvy will be.” Open to US and Canada, contest ends February 1st.
  • “There was once a time in Delhi when shining malls and Café Coffee Days didn’t exist as refuges from heat and stench. In this land before liberalization, sanctuary could be found in the local cinema halls that apparently dotted the Indian urban landscape. But multiplexes are driving them out of business — and, as collateral damage, taking with them the Bollywood poster painters who relied on their business.”
    (tags: misc)

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