Links for 2009-1-31

  • “He arguably lead a more interesting life than his most famous creation, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that there’s a biopic of Ian Fleming in the works titled, imaginatively, Fleming, with John Orloff set to write it.” Huzzah!
  • “Focht-Hansen said at the beginning of her summer course, used books could hardly be found. The combination of the price and the scarcity of the book do not seem fair, she said. Many of her students resorted to using online-posted texts at Web sites such as Project Gutenberg, which boasts being the first producer of free electronic books, or e-books.” (via @GutenbergNews) Wahey!
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  • “We’ve added integration with Twitter, the popular SMS/microblogging site. Basically, it’s an easy way to add a book to your LibraryThing while standing in a bookstore, library or friend’s house.” Woohoo!
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