Links for 2009-1-9

I’m still trying to figure out this link-posting thing, so please excuse me if you see more than one link post today. I should hopefully have it figured out by tomorrow.

  • “Ecofont uses 20% less ink than normal fonts by putting small holes in the letters. At large sizes these holes are obvious, but at normal sizes it’s hardly noticeable.”
    (tags: books misc)
  • “I get the sense from some designers (and some readers), that since eBooks can’t be controlled in the same way as print and paper books, somehow they are inferior – and that people just won’t be attached to them, drawn into them in the same way as they are with “real” books. To which my reaction is: eBooks, and digital devices are a different medium, they call for a whole new design approach. The constraints are different, the reader’s needs different, and so how you’ll design a text is going to be different.”
    (tags: books ebooks)

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