links for 2009-2-22

  • “When the economy makes big news, many photographs of people at work come across the wires, usually to help illustrate a particular story or event. By collecting these disparate photos over the past few months, I found that a global portrait emerged of we humans producing things. People assembling, generating, and building items small and large, mundane and expensive, trivial and important.”
    (tags: misc history)
  • “If you headed out to the theater and saw Coraline this past weekend, then you saw the main character cycle through an arsenal of more than 200,000 facial expressions. To put that in perspective, Jack, the main character from The Nightmare Before Christmas could do about 800 when that movie was released in 1993. The improvement didn’t come from insomniac sculptors, but rather from a machine that literally prints 3D objects.” With video!
    (tags: books misc movies)
  • “So here in all its glory is a pattern for the Coraline gloves. The stripe sequence inside the pattern itself is as true to the itty bitty original gloves (by the amazing Althea Crome) as I can make it.” (via Neil Gaiman’s blog)
    (tags: books misc movies)

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