links for 2009-2-24

  • “After Penn walks offstage, Teller, hoop in hand, slowly coaxes the ball to life and makes it do his bidding. Over the course of the trick the ball goes from indifferent to awakening to willing playmate. Though the narrative has Teller getting the ball to jump through his hoop, the ball’s most singularly beautiful moment is when it attains a perfect balance on the edge of the hoop. Audience applause achieved, the ball turns mischievous and follows Teller across the stage as if in need of more play. Teller tries to treat the ball with affection as he sits on a bench, gently petting it. But the increasingly aggressive ball finally chases the magician off stage: A little red ball brought to life and then pursuing its creator, a Frankenstein’s monster. It is all very magical, or would be if Penn had not told you there was a thread involved.”
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  • “There are two major forces in this game: Amazon and readers. Amazon has a device, a marketplace, and a robust business model based on the iTunes store. Readers have a whole lot of WTF? in their corner, and that’s without factoring DRM into the mix.” Kassia always says it better than me (and everyone else). <3!
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  • “What Atwood says she believes happened this time was that instead of simply responding back something to the effect of “thanks, but no thanks,” which would quell any further controversy, Abulhoul, directing this brand new Dubai festival for the first time, made the mistake of being too candid with her remarks without realizing how they might be construed.” lol, drama. Also, am I a bad English major/person if I had no idea M. Atwood was still alive?

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