links for 2009-3-16

  • “The internet, unfortunately, is a rather nasty place. Whenever a blogger of either gender posts something, that work becomes the property of the readers and commenters, who react in ways that are often surprising and sometimes quite upsetting.” Do you think it’s tougher to be a female blogger than a male one? I confess I’ve never really thought about it, but then, my blog topic is one that’s dominated by females, and I’ve also never been attacked via comments or whatever. I’m sure those who’ve been around longer must have a different view point– what say you?
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  • Lotsa reviews in lotsa categories; check it out!

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  1. I think most of those nasty “comment-ers” take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to post thoughtless and crude remarks regardless of gender of the blogger. So far, on wordpress, I’ve never really read any outright disrespectful comment even though many people express their disagreements with the topics posted about. I like to think that its because this site is targeted at readers and writers, people who I’ve always thought are more sympathetic, intelligent and considerate then the average angry internet-rogue. We actually read and think about the posts and we don’t vent out anger insultingly in a way that is irrelevant to the topic the blogger posted about.

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