links for 2009-4-10

  • “It would be impossible, or at least much more difficult, to be a book blogger without book publicists. We email; they send review copies. We email; they set up author interviews. Often, they email to thank us for covering their books. They add us to lists so that we no longer have to request review copies; the books just arrive in the mail, like presents! In our experience, book publicists appear to realize that as book review coverage is stripped out of newspapers and/or newspapers themselves fold. Bloggers are their friends. We’re ready and willing to fill the gap left by disappearing print book coverage. Here at Flavorwire, we have never received a pitch or an email about covering an upcoming book that suggested the person on the other end thought we were less-than because we’re a blog. Until now.” Holy hell. Wtf are people thinking? Be sure to read Trish’s response too:

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