links for 2009-4-4

  • “Nearly 250 Amazon customers have joined an informal boycott of digital books priced more than $9.99 at the popular online retailer–they have already tagged more than 770 books with a “9 99boycott” tag.”
  • “What I have attempted to do here, is to compile a list all of the books written by L. Frank Baum, and then all of the books associated with him in some way. Oz and non-Oz books, books by fans, books about the life of Baum, books about the MGM movie, books based on philosophies from the books, and so on…”
  • The best blog out there for Oz-related things. Seriously! Go visit if you haven’t already.
  • An interesting webpage about the 14 Baum Oz books, with covers, summaries, and links to where you can find the books online for free.
  • “We’ve also been looking into piracy, as mentioned above, and have come to some very worrisome conclusions. For starters, pirates are everywhere, lurking around every corner, waiting for one of our editors to slip up and leave a manuscript unattended for even two minutes, during which time the pirate will either sneak into said editor’s office via the air vents, or swing on a rope and into a window (knife between the teeth in both instances, of course), very quickly photocopy and OCR the manuscript in question, and sneak away before our poor hapless editor has come back from her coffee break.” lol.
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  1. i never knew that there were other books to the WOZ! thank you so much for the update…very interesting. as for the amazon boycott…i don’t read ebooks so don’t have much to say about this. i have the kindle application on my iphone but have yet to use it.

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