Mailbox Monday: February 23

Photo by k. tommy on Flickr
Photo by k. tommy on Flickr

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia of The Printed Page. Check out her blog for this week’s MM post and to see what other bloggers got in the mail!

Yay, I got lots more books this week (well, if you don’t count the books I bought at the library book sale last week)! Three of them were from BookMooch, one was from, one from Borders (with a 40% off coupon!) and two from Barnes & Noble. I hope I get another coupon that that 40% off one again; it was so awesome! Unfortunately Borders didn’t have as much of a selection as B&N did. The YA/Kids section? Practically BARE compared to the B&N, where as many books were stuffed onto the shelves as possible. Sad.

I’ve already read, er, two-and-a-half (and one I’ve read previously). But I had a lot of fun doing it! Reviews should be up later this week.

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    1. Both! It’s about a group of college students who go around delivering corpses, after all, and there’s enough humor to keep it from taking itself too seriously. It’s graphic in some parts, too, but not disgustingly so.

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