Mailbox Monday: November 17

mailbox It was a quiet week, er, this week; only one actual book in the mail, and three from the store.

Thursday: Feed by M.T. Anderson, from My review of it is here!

My CueCat! Woohoo! (Edit: For those who’re curious, a small post re: my CueCat experience is here.)

Saturday: The Dealer (CHERUB #2) by Robert Muchamore, from Barnes & Noble. I actually found this and #3-6 as well, but restrained myself to just one. (My review of #1 is here, by the way.)

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks, also from B&N. I was attracted by the shiny cover and high page count. I’m about 250 pages in so far, and it’s pretty good! Edit: I finished it today, and the review is here!

Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones, also from B&N. I wasn’t expecting to find this at all, as normally the only DWJ books in big bookstores are the Chrestomanci series, the Castle in the Sky books, and maybe one other (like Year of the Griffin). This really made my day. :] (Also, DWJ has a new book out for the Castle in the Sky series, House of Many Ways! Even MORE exciting!)

So, what sort of books came into your house this week? Anything terribly exciting?

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  1. gautami tripathy & bermudaonion: Thank you for the comment! 😀

    Wendi B.: I’ve written a small post re: my CueCat experiences; it’s the newest post (there’s also a link in this post).

    Shana @ Literarily: Your comments are always so nice! I generally try to review books within a day or two of finishing them, so I can keep important details and impressions at the forefront of my thoughts. Any longer than that and I start to forget things, even if I’ve taken copious notes.

    Actually reading the books in a timely fashion after getting them is rarer. *cough* I’ve got some books that I’ve had for 3+ years and still haven’t read. I should really just put them on BookMooch, but it’s hard to give up the possibility of reading them one day.

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