March’s book for #SFFWomen book club is…

spellcoats The Spellcoats by Diana Wynne Jones!

March is Diana Wynne Jones Month, a time for celebration of all things DWJ and reading (and rereading) as many of her books as one wants. All month long there will be readalongs and lots of posts and discussions and fun stuff! It’s a great time to try out a DWJ book if you haven’t before, or to reread favorite DWJ books if you have! I usually end up rereading my entire DWJ collection during March, myself.

The Spellcoats is the third book in the Dalemark quartet, though it’s totally okay to read it first if you haven’t read the other books. (The only important part is to read the fourth book last, because it ties up everything from the previous three.) Here’s what it’s about:

Tanqui discovers she has the only means to conquer the evil Kankredin who threatens her own people and the Heathens who have invaded prehistoric Dalemark.

which is actually not all that helpful BUT it has siblings and a Big Evil and a unique sort of magic system that involves embroidery. It’s great!

We’re going to be doing a special collaboration with the #dwjmarch participants for the Twitter and blog discussions! The Twitter discussion will be on March 29th at a TBD time, and the blog discussion will go up the week prior to that.



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