MINI-REVIEW: I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells

138. I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells
Publication: Tor Books (March 30, 2010), Paperback, 272pp / ISBN 0765327821
Genre: YA Horror, Paranormal
Read: July 18, 2012
Source: ALA Annual 2012

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I’d describe this book as Dexter for the YA crowd with an unexpected paranormal element. If you like any of those things? You’d probably like this book. It’s creepy and thrilling and a bit disgusting, and it’s got a weirdo protagonist who you nevertheless LIKE for some reason.

That said, there were issues. First issue: HOW did the baddie not realize who was tormenting him? They live RIGHT NEXT to each other! They talked to each other on the PHONE. The baddie’s a supernatural killer who baffled the FBI1; why is he also so darned stupid? Ugh. Second issue: the protag’s transition from boarderline serial killer into more-than-likely serial killer had a weird bump near the end that made me really mad. It felt forced, when beforehand it was more natural, and that annoys me.

Overall, though? It was a pretty good read! I don’t see why it needs to be a trilogy2 but whatever, go for it.


I liked it, despite its flaws!

  1. or the state police or whatever. LAW ENFORCEMENT.
  2. EVERYTHING is a trilogy nowadays. Why. WHY.

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