MINI-REVIEWS: Only Pack What You can Carry; Faerieground: Wish; Strong Poison

057. Only Pack What You can Carry: My Path to Inner Strength, Confidence, and True Self-Knowledge – Janice Holly Booth
hardcover / library / read Mar. 31-Apr. 3, 2013 / Amazon (non-fiction | travel | memoir)
I didn’t expect this book to affect me as much as it did (positively, I mean). I picked it up from the library expecting it to be your typical travel memoir with helpful tips. Then I read the first chapter/prologue and BAM. It’s so much more than what I assumed it’d be! It’s a manifesto for being more couragous through travel, using the author’s personal experiences as a kind of guide to apply to your own life. While maybe some other time I would have been annoyed and put it down, right now it was exactly what I needed.

Faerieground Wish 060. Faerieground: Wish – Beth Bracken & Kay Fraser
ARC / publicist (thank you!) / read Apr. 7, 2013 / Amazon (MG fantasy)
Beautiful illustrations, and a decent fantasy story with princesses and evil queens and fairies, but I really hated the ending. The central plot was two friends fighting, and the end would be the logical place to, y’know, apologize! But nobody did. Maybe they had more important things to worry about (rebuilding a kingdom), but even just a little “I’m sorry for betraying you/our friendship/ etc.” would have been nice.

061. Strong Poison – Dorothy L. Sayers
hardcover / library / read Apr. 8, 2013 / Amazon (mystery)
This was just as good as everyone said it would be! I kept thinking about the TV version, though, and how the way the actors portrayed the characters differed from the book. It was very distracting. Book!Miss Murchison was much more interesting than in the show– less mousey and frightened, more gung-ho and Awesome Lady Detective! And Harriet herself was slightly different…more vulnerable? (She’d live with Lord P. but she wouldn’t marry him? Hm. TV!Harriet just said she wanted to travel.) Anyway, I didn’t know that Lord Peter had a whole team of female investigators: I totally want to read books about them going off and solving crimes while Lord P. is doing something in the background or whatever.

2 thoughts on “MINI-REVIEWS: Only Pack What You can Carry; Faerieground: Wish; Strong Poison”

  1. I love all the parts where Miss C— (can’t think of her name, something with a C, right?) is off learning how to be a pretend medium. That’s more fun than any of the detecting Peter does in this one. Anyway, for lessened vulnerability from Harriet, may I draw your attention next to Have His Carcase? She’s pretty steel-spined in that one, I think, plus you get to see her and Peter having fun detecting things together.

    1. Now I feel like a butthead for saying Harriet’s too squidgey in Strong Poison. I mean, she IS on trial for murder after all! That’s enough to make anyone emotional. I think I was projecting my love for the TV actress onto the book character, which isn’t a nice thing to do to someone.

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