MINI-REVIEWS: The Warded Man, iDrakula, A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains

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Book cover of The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett92. The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett
Publication: Del Rey (March 10, 2009), ebook, 432pp / ISBN 0345503805
Genre: Dystopian Fantasy

Read: August 1-2, 2011
Source: Bought


I don’t think I’ve read a proper dystopian fantasy before, though I’ve read a few magical realism-type ones. This one was interesting because there were demons, there was magic, and while it was still obviously a dystopian society it was one that was on the verge of getting back on its feet, so to speak. The majority of the book was a really good read, with lots of action and some great characters, including female ones that weren’t, y’know, useless. The last third of the book, however, took a dive downward.

I really dislike rape in books, and this book had a pretty brutal one in it (although it wasn’t graphically described). Everything after that scene was tainted for me, and even though it had a basically happy ending I was still really…annoyed, I guess? I suppose I didn’t entirely see the reason for having the rape scene, especially since it didn’t seem to mean anything besides giving one of the protagonists a reason for hooking up with the other protagonists.

If you took out the rape scene, everything was fine. But with it I’m not as ready to recommend it to other people as I maybe would have been otherwise. It’s a decently written book, and I’ll probably continue on in the series. It’s just that ending sequence that’s the stone in my shoe.


Enjoyable, at least for the majority of the book.

Book cover of iDrakula by Bekka Black 99. iDrakula by Bekka Black
Publication: Sourcebooks Fire (October 1, 2010), ebook, 160pp / ISBN 1402244657
Genre: YA Horror

Read: August 18, 2011
Source: Bought


So even though I technically haven’t read Dracula yet, I still know the story and everything. iDrakula is, basically, Dracula set in the modern times and told using emails, text messages, and blog posts. It’s also really entertaining! You wouldn’t think an email talking about Dracula’s brides or boxes of dirt could be exciting, but it was. I also liked the changes to the characters from the original story; makes ’em more modern and proactive and awesome. And stuff.

I also really like that cover.


Fast-paced and fun!

Book cover of A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella L. Bird100. A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella L. Bird
Publication: (September 28, 2009), originally published 1879, ebook, ?pp
Genre: Travel memoir

Read: August 18-19, 2011
Source: Girlebooks


Good things: lovely descriptions of Colorado and the surrounding areas, interesting perspective on early pioneer life and the sorts of people who lived in the mountains in the late 1800s, learned something new about women traveling solo in the Victorian times, made me want to learn to ride a horse.

Bad things: ILB’s racism against Native Americans (and possibly Welsh people)1, possibly classist things about poor people living in the mountains.


Overall, it’s a good travel memoir but prone to the sort of racist/classist ideas that most Victorian white people had.


  1. but tempered with a rant against how they were uneducated and unable to fight back against white people who were screwing them over, and how that was wrong?

4 thoughts on “MINI-REVIEWS: The Warded Man, iDrakula, A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains”

  1. I HAVE read the original Dracula and, now that you mention it, I think it really COULD work if told via email/texts. I’m actually quite intrigued by that idea. I loved the original but it was extremely wordy, and I’m thinking that this version might be quite entertaining …

    1. Exactly! I suppose the original Dracula was a little bit scarier, because the wordiness built up the suspense and everything, but I still think iDrakula was pretty scary/exciting/etc.

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