Monthly Review (June 2010)

So June was pretty interesting. I think I started off fairly strong, and then quickly fell into procrastination. I also somehow checked out around 30 library books, most of which are still unread– and that simply won’t do. I’ve decided to bring most of them back to the (university) library tomorrow, keeping only those from the public library (they have a shorter due date so I’ll be forced to read them quicker) and the ones I got through inter-library loan (they’re due at the end of the month anyway). I think not having a big stack of library books looming at me will be a good thing, and maybe I’ll even go back to my TBR books like I meant to!

Next Tuesday is the first day of my summer class, and while it looks somewhat fun (it’s British Fiction: Humor) I’m dreading keeping up with the reading. Luckily all the books seem to be short; it’s just the large amount of essays on top of them that I’m worried about.

I’ll talk more about my class on Sunday for the salon, including the reading list!

Reading Stats
17 total books read
20 total books reviewed (5 of June’s books)
0 ebooks
1 audiobooks
16 pbooks

13 were by authors new to me
0 were rereads!

Books Read
125. Playing With Fire – Derek Landy (read by Rupert Degas) five-stars
126. Runemarks – Joanne Harris five-stars %
127. Evil? – Timothy Carter five-stars
128. Magic Under Glass – Jaclyn Delamore five-stars %
129. Star Trek Memories – William Shatner & Chris Kreski five-stars
130. Devil’s Kiss – Sarwat Chadda five-stars
131. The Pirate Queen: In Search of Grace O’Malley and Other Legendary Women of the Sea – Barbara Sjoholm five-stars
132. The Case of the Missing Marquess – Nancy Springer five-stars
133. Around the Bloc – Stephanie Elizondo Griest five-stars
134. Incognito Street – Barbara Sjoholm five-stars
135. Monster – A. Lee Martin five-stars
136. Off the Map – Kika Kat & Hib Chickena five-stars %
137. The Salem Witch Tryouts – Kelly McClymer five-stars %
137. A Dirty Job – Christopher Moore (read by Fischer Stevens) five-stars
138. The Risks of Sunbathing Topless – Kate Chynoweth (ed.) five-stars
139. Medina Hill – Trilby Kent five-stars
140. Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years – Michael Kurland (ed.) five-stars

Affiliate Earnings
Amazon: $8.34; a very good month! Not as good as the month someone bought an iPod Touch through here, but better than last month ($2.23) for sure.
Indiebound: $0; I’ve NEVER earned anything through Indiebound, and I’ve been using them for nearly the same amount of time as Amazon. I think maybe it’s time to switch to another affiliate. Powell’s, maybe?
Total for the year so far: $34.68

Note: I thought this might be an interesting thingy to add to my monthly review, since I personally am interesting in how much bloggers actually make through affiliate links. Maybe I’m just really nosy? But also because if I didn’t care about affiliate earnings I wouldn’t use affiliate links in the first place– and if I care about it, I should be more transparent about it, right?

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  1. I don’t have any affiliate links and I keep hearing from bloggers who have them and make no money out of them. 8 dollar seems a fair amount, that’s almost a new book!

    1. I never started making any affiliate money until this year, after I’d been blogging for over a year already. It takes some time for it to build up, I think. Plus maybe it depends on how you link and where you place your affiliate links– I think there was a post about that sometime last year from another book blogger. I’ll try to find it if you’re interested!

      1. I am kind of interested – I don’t necessarily want to start doing affiliate links, but I’m curious about how the process works. Are you going to blow your $8.34 right away, or save it for a particularly enticing paperback? :p

        1. Well, how Amazon affiliate earnings work is that 1) the earnings won’t be deposited in my bank account until I reach $10 in my unpaid balance and 2) that balance is updated two months after the original month’s earnings. So June’s earnings won’t show up in my balance until August, and since I’m expecting a deposit this month because of my previous unpaid balance being so close to $10 already (and May’s earnings will bump it over), I won’t get June’s money until maybe September or later, depending on how much I earn in July.

          So I’ve got a while to think about how I’m going to spend it, lol. 😀

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