Monthly Review (November 2010)

So I’m in the middle of writing, like, three papers right now, so this’ll have to be quick. Only two weeks left, though! I forgot that I didn’t have finals up until the end of finals week– I’m done right in the middle.

Anyway, November was awesome. I read a lot of books, most of them wonderful, and I really got into a good blogging groove. I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo like I was hoping to, but I let myself be okay with that because I was seriously typing SO MUCH I think I was injuring myself? (Papers, NaNo, blog. Too much!) The Book Bloggers Holiday Card Swap seems to be going smoothly– or, no one’s emailed me with a problem yet. I still have to send my cards, actually.

And, of course, it was my 2nd blogoversary! I’m now in my third year of blogging. Can you believe it? I’m so proud of myself for not giving up, even when I feel like throwing everything out the window whenever finals or papers or Real Life Stuff show up. (Not like I’ll have to worry about that again after this month! Well, I’ll still have to worry about the RL stuff. But not any of the other things.)

For December things are going to be a little rough, since it’s finals and papers and TERROR and then I graduate. And then I’m done! I’m going to be in Albuquerque until at least the summer, which means I have to go job hunting again, this time hardcore. In January I’m going to Disney World with my parents (little brother isn’t coming along this time), and in May I’m going to Book Expo America! Then I’m leaving New Mexico to go…somewhere. Maybe a job somewhere abroad? I’m still looking at options, but I think something to do with teaching English to people who speak it as a second language.

Anyway, my goals for December are: to read at least 23 more books (to meet my goal of 250 books read), to catch up on reviews, to get my review books for next year organized in some way, to update my header to a more winter-y one (and change the theme’s colors), to not go overboard with joining 2011 reading challenges, and to make at least one new blog friend.

What are your goals for December?

13 total books read
6 total books reviewed
1 ebooks
0 audiobooks
12 pbooks

12 were by authors new to me
0 were rereads!

219. Holy Disorders – Edmund Crispin [rating: Buy it]
222. The Amazing Maurice & His Educated Rodents – Terry Pratchett [rating: Buy it]
224. Libyrinth – Pearl North [rating: Buy it]

Doing the pictures on my netbook (which is what I use at school, aka where I’m writing this post) makes me insane, so it’s just a list this time.

[% = it was a book from the TBR pile
R = it was a review book from a publisher/author]

215. Miss Mackenzie – Anthony Trollope [rating: Borrow it]
216. Dispatches – Michael Herr [rating: TBD]
217. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test – Tom Wolfe [rating: Borrow it]
218. The Thief – Megan Whalen Turner [rating: Borrow it] %
219. Holy Disorders – Edmund Crispin [rating: Buy it] %
220. Suicide Excepted – Cyril Hare [rating: Buy it] %
221. Caliban’s Hour – Tad Williams [rating: Borrow it] %
222. The Amazing Maurice & His Educated Rodents – Terry Pratchett [rating: Buy it] %
223. The Spellman Files – Lisa Lutz [rating: TBD] %
224. Libyrinth – Pearl North [rating: Buy it] %
225. Middleworld (Jaguar Stones #1) – J & P Voelkel [rating: TBD] R
226. Chutes & Adders – Barbara Block [rating: TBD] %
227. The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril – Paul Malmont [rating: TBD] %

185. The Day of the Troll – Simon Messingham (read by David Tennant) [rating: Buy it]
201. Across Asia on a Bicycle – Thomas Gaskell Allen & William Lewis Sachtleben [rating: Buy it]
213. Captain Blood – Raphael Sabatini [rating: Buy it]
214. The Tapestry Shop – Joyce Elson Moore [rating: Borrow it] R
217. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test – Tom Wolfe [rating: Borrow it]
218. The Thief – Megan Whalen Turner [rating: Borrow it] %

Amazon: $13.69, which is obviously over the $10 minimum which means I’ll get another deposit into my bank account sometime in the future! Huzzah!
Total for the year so far: $87.88
Results: Some money from previous months was deposited into my bank account the other day, about $20, so I bought tea with it. CHRISTMAS TEA. I sense a return of Thursday Tea sometime in the future~!

I wasn’t as active in looking for new blogs this month as I was last month, but I still found some really good ones! Here’s some blogs that came onto my radar recently:

Also, I’ll be doing this month’s Classics Circuit (it’s Anthony Trollope), so look for my post on December 6th if you’re interested! I’m still stuck on Mr Scarborough’s Family, which might mean I’ll have to write about Miss Mackenzie if I can’t finish the last 28% of it before Sunday. I would rather write about MSF, though…

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